NOA 'Striped Vintage' Boardshorts

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If you're like me the idea of being able to wear boxer shorts beyond the confines of your living room is a very exciting premise. Unfortunately the social expectations that our lives our bound by have not yet accepted this as a reasonable way to present yourself in public. In response to this, NOA is excited to release our newest cut, a 60's inspired trunk with reduced leg length and inclusion of a scallop to truly make you feel as though you're wearing your favourite pair of boxers. An answer to those friends who equally wanted something to wear in the surf as they wanted whilst exercising, these are a versatile piece for all to enjoy. 

Made in Australia from our highly respected lightweight recycled mixed 4-way stretch polyester and spandex material, they allow for just the right amount of freedom without feeling like your crown jewels are going to fall out the bottom.


- 15 Inch Outside Leg

- Double eyelets for tighter fits during surf sessions (can reduce to one size smaller)

- Back Pocket with Key Elastic

- Woven logo patch on front

- Made in Australia

- Made from recycled polyester fabric using plastic bottles and fishing nets found at sea