NOA 'Goodtime Gracious' Tee, White

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There's a lord in every friendship circle who loves a goodtime and is on an eternal mission to get their friends to get involved. This shirt celebrates those people that keep our lives interesting as they graciously take us on their good times. 

In our most recent range we undertook the process of developing a tee that aligns with our values and aesthetics. This means a boxy cut that's been made to our specifications and by local manufacturers. Unfortunately, we weren't able to find what we were looking for on the market, so we decided to make it ourselves. Unknown to us, this would entail two years of refining a pattern and sampling material to ensure we're delivering a product we're proud of. We're excited to release to you our newest tee, using 100% organic cotton milled and made in Australia.

- 100% certified organic cotton (180 gsm), milled in Australia

- T-Shirt made in Australia 

 Green print on white tee